Planting plugs

Creating the meadows

Developing and establishing a wild flower meadow will, of course, take time, and what thrives on the sites ultimately depends on the conditions, especially the nutrient levels in the soil. (Wild flowers and grasses prefer poor soil, ie. soil that is low in nutrients).

Please send any queries or questions about the planting to Jane Lund

(Thank you to Michael and Gordon for their advice and guidance on the planting)

The plants in ‘Minster Mix’, locally produced seed:

Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Corn Cockle, Corn Chamomile, Field Poppy, Oxeye Daisy, Small Burnet, Common Sainfoin, Yarrow, Yellow Rattle, Betony, Common Knapweed, Common Sorrel, White Campion, Ragged Robin, Lady’s Bedstraw, St John’s Wort, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Field Scabious, Meadow Buttercup, Self Heal, Red Campion.

We have also planted the following grasses
  • Crested dogstail
  • Highland bent
  • Red fescue